This Saturday Delivering to North Manchester, Urbana, Roann, Gilead, Akron, & Disko!

Home Delivery FAQ

  • Q: How does this work?

    • A: Below is a list of our deliver areas, some of these areas will update week to week, usually on Saturday. If you are within one of these areas you can click the link and fill out the form to request a delivery for that day. If you're not within one of these areas you can place an order for our driver to meet you in a public place like a parking lot somewhere within that delivery area, or just check back next week if our areas have updated.

  • Q: When will my delivery arrive?

    • A: The delivery window is between 7:00 AM and 11:30 AM on the scheduled day. Depending on how many orders in what area and what the drivers experience while actually on the road the specific time could vary wildly.

  • Q: I won't be available through that entire window, can I still order?

    • A: If you have any special restrictions like needing to have the order after/before a specific time, you can put that information in the special instructions. We can't guarantee we can accommodate all requested time restrictions, but we will try our best to arrange the route to accommodate anytime we can.

  • Q: I want to sleep in, do I have to answer the door to get my donuts?

    • A: No! If you'd like to get your đź’¤s in on your delivery day, you can either pre-pay over Venmo, or leave your cash payment somewhere for the delivery driver to find. If you decide to leave the cash out just be sure to put the information in the delivery notes about where the cash will be, and where the driver should leave the donuts, and if they should ring/knock, or just leave the donuts and leave.

  • Q: How much does it cost?

    • A: Current offering is currently $7 for an assorted dozen.

  • Q: How much is the delivery fee?

    • A: There isn't a delivery fee! We just ask you tip your driver instead.

  • Q: What do I get in the assorted dozen? Can I request a special order?

    • A: The assorted dozen is one of each of the following. White Long John, Chocolate Long John, Rainbow Long John, Glazed Persian, Maple Persian, Sugar Persian, Glazed Ring, Chocolate Iced Ring, Raspberry Filled, Custard Filled, Cream Filled, and an Apple Fritter. You can see the order form for a picture of the full dozen.

    • A2: We aren't offering any customization or substitutions.

  • Q: Something came up and I won't be home after-all and I need to edit/cancel my order, how can I do that?

    • A: After you filled out the order form you were sent an email with a copy of your response, from that email you can click through and edit your response. In order to cancel your order, just update your quantity to zero, and put cancel order in the delivery notes. If you need to edit anything after the form as been turned off or after the cut-off deadline, message Joe DeRozier or DeRozier's Bakery on Facebook for him to make any changes/cancellations manually. If you don't have a Facebook account you can also email